Frequently Asked Questions

May I observe my child’s class?  

NO.  When a child sees his/her parent observing the class we lose that child’s attention. It disrupts the entire class. Keeping your child focused on swim skills provides your child the opportunity to learn some basic strokes by the end of the session.  The strokes may not be pretty but the child will amaze you. The instructors greatly appreciate your cooperation.   On the last day of each session the parents, relatives and friends are invited to sit on the pool deck and observe their accomplishments. 


Is this class still open? 

The Web site is updated twice a week.  All closed classes will have a red line with the words “ Full – Closed” on it.  If I receive a registration for a closed class – you will receive a phone call ASAP.


What if my child is in the wrong class?  

Every student is evaluated the first day of class.If your child needs to be moved to a higher/lower level class you will informed that day and the child will be moved to the appropriate class.


Can I register my child for another session at this time? 

Yes, especially if you need a specific time for the next session.  Just enclose a form with the money for that session. Register your child for the same level class.


What if it is raining?

Weather is beyond our control– ONLY in cases of lightning do we get out of the pool.  We are required by Red Cross Rules to stay out of the water until NO LIGHTNING is observed for 10 minutes. .Lifeguards are required to observe the sky and time any lightning occurrences.  Rarely do we cancel classes.  In situations where there is severe weather a message will be left on the phone 615-416-3615. If there is no message on the phone the class is a go. Please do not leave a message on the phone.  Phone messages are not checked until 9 pm.


What  if my child needs to miss a class? 

The schedule is such that making up a missed class is not available.


Do you provide private lessons? 

NO. In my experience the child progresses faster when in a competitive situation.


Do you teach special needs children? 

Yes.   Please call for information.


When do you start accepting registrations?

January 1 of each year.